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👋🏻 Keystone 5 has officially moved to maintenance only. For the latest release of Keystone please visit the Keystone website.


This is the last active development release of this package as Keystone 5 is now in a 6 to 12 month active maintenance phase. For more information please read our Keystone 5 and beyond post.

Stores hexadecimal RGBA (Red, Green, Blue, Alpha) color values. Presented in the Admin UI as an interactive color picker.


const { Color } = require('@keystonejs/fields-color');

keystone.createList('Product', {
  fields: {
    heroColor: { type: Color },


isRequiredBooleanfalseDoes this field require a value?
isUniqueBooleanfalseAdds a unique index that allows only unique values to be stored

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