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👋🏻 Keystone 5 has officially moved to maintenance only. For the latest release of Keystone please visit the Keystone website.

Knex database adapter

This is the last active development release of this package as Keystone 5 is now in a 6 to 12 month active maintenance phase. For more information please read our Keystone 5 and beyond post.

The Knex adapter is a general purpose adapter which can be used to connect to a range of different database backends. At present, the only fully tested backend is Postgres, however Knex gives the potential for MSSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite3, Oracle, and Amazon Redshift to be supported.


const { KnexAdapter } = require('@keystonejs/adapter-knex');

const keystone = new Keystone({
  adapter: new KnexAdapter({...}),



Default: 'public'

All postgres tables are grouped within a schema and public is the default schema.


Default: false

Allow the adapter to drop the entire database and recreate the tables / foreign keys based on the list schema in your application. This option is ignored in production, i.e. when the environment variable NODE_ENV === 'production'.


These options are passed directly through to Knex.

See the knex docs for more details.


  client: 'postgres',
  connection: process.env.CONNECT_TO || process.env.DATABASE_URL || process.env.KNEX_URI


To log all Knex queries, run the server with the environment variable DEBUG=knex:query.


Before running Keystone with the Knex adapter you should configure a database. By default Knex will look for a Postgres database on the default port, matching the project name, as the current user.

In most cases this database will not exist and you will want to configure a user and database for your application.

Assuming you're on MacOS and have Postgres installed the does this for you:


Otherwise, you can run these steps manually:

createdb -U postgres keystone
psql keystone -U postgres -c "CREATE USER keystone5 PASSWORD 'change_me_plz'"
psql keystone -U postgres -c "GRANT ALL ON DATABASE keystone TO keystone5;"

If using the above, you will want to set a connection string of: postgres://keystone5:change_me_plz@localhost:5432/keystone

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  • knexOptions
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