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Authentication strategies allow users to identify themselves to Keystone. This can be used to restrict access to the AdminUI, and to configure access controls.


const { PasswordAuthStrategy } = require('@keystone-alpha/auth-password');

const authStrategy = keystone.createAuthStrategy({
  type: PasswordAuthStrategy,
  list: 'User',

You then provide authStrategy to apps that facilitate login (typically the Admin UI):

module.exports = {
  apps: [new AdminUIApp({ authStrategy })],


typeAuthStrategy(required)A valid authentication strategy.
listString(required)The list that contains and authenticated item, for example a user.

Note: Different authentication strategies may have additional config options. See the documentation for individual authentication strategies for more details.


A valid authentication strategy.


Authentication strategies need to authenticate an item in a Keystone list (typically a User). The authenticated item will be provided to access control functions.

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