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byTracking Plugin

Add createdBy and updatedBy fields to a list. These fields are read-only but they will be updated automatically when items are created or updated.


const { byTracking } = require('@keystonejs/list-plugins');

keystone.createList('ListWithPlugin', {
  fields: {...},
  plugins: [


createdByFieldStringcreatedByName of the createdBy field.
updatedByFieldStringupdatedByName of the updatedBy field.
refStringUserA reference to the list authenticated items (users).
accessObjectSee: accessChange default access controls.


By default access control on at tracking fields is read only:

  read: true,
  create: false,
  update: false

Granular control

If you prefer, you can import either createdBy or updatedBy to apply a single tracking field:

const { createdBy, updatedBy } = require('@keystonejs/list-plugins');

Note: The API is the same for each export as byTracking.

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  • access
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