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Create Keystone app

A CLI for Keystone to help generate starter apps.



yarn create keystone-app my-app

and follow the prompts.


A non-interactive Keystone app creation could be useful in unattended app generation. One such example is creating a Docker image with a generated Keystone app built in. See the list of possible arguments in the Arguments section below.

npm init keystone-app --name "My App" --template "starter" --adapter "Mongoose" my-app

The app generation will fall back to interactive prompts if any of the arguments are missing or have incorrect values.

NOTE: By the time this documentation was written, yarn create was not working because the CLI arguments were not passed to the create-keystone-app script.


--nameStringThe Keystone app name visible in the Admin UI and page titles.
--templateStringOne of the existing app templates (folder name). For example: starter, todo, etc.
--adapterStringOne of the adapters listed in the app template. Usually one of: Mongoose, Knex.
--dry-runBooleanWill go through the app generation process validating the user inputs or CLI arguments but in the end no app will be generated.

Run the app

cd my-app # Change directory
yarn dev  # Start the development server

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